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this is being written as i consider suicide.
the sleeping pills know the way to the garage and might
show me out before i begin to protest.

Letter to myself, from a week ago:

before ever attempting suicide:
read poetry or newspapers in the hope
that either will

change your life.try dancing again and fracture a toe/
sprain a ligament/bump into someone to
remind yourself of how it once changed your life.
cry over it,

get over a black bird without mercy,
join a conspiracy,kill a
bitch and say im jealous of you.stop believing in
karma, put it in a tarot card and motion blur

the shit.give up trying to belong to
borrowed walls, know no safer
roofs than accumulated dreams.consider this: every
line drawing grows into a Venn diagram if not
left alone.give yourself 90 minutes in hell for a little

longer than this, and at a stretch.look at the
mirror, say FUCK i have nothing to do with this and
break it.walk in and walk out of being ok and do
it very fast do it like a firefighter against

ocean currents.write an email and know
this is romance. the air you breathe in is a different
country and your face is a safety-pin(up).bless distance and
stretch it like a continent until it gives way to
your seas, bless plate tectonics for
teaching the world freedom.break free and

this is shay up and pray she
sings live forever.try saying yes.say, the pins sticking
out of my tongue need harmless disposal, yes. say,
im starved and lonely and i drew your face and i'd
hoped i'd be offered a smoke again and i havnt swallowed
yet im waiting the person who'd find you like you
find her but you dont

come around.paint a pebble for one whole day.
paint a pebble for a little longer.
keep painting the pebble till your mother comes and
throws it away and get back to being
the absense of sense and delete the
last blog post and throw away the pills because
they're hers, really.this is getting tiring, sleep it

over and forget about it, you cant for the life of you
do it anyway.

it was there like a fishbone stuck in one's throat, but i can
only guess.i dont eat fish, they reek of premature
death and regrets. it was like the first day
of the knowledge of cancer,the last
method of redemption and its lost procedure
was there like hems around my lungs and i pulled it out,
wrapped up the pills in it, and realized that they did
not come with my expiry date.
full title:
Talk about foresight (at hindsight)

ok so thats all.
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snow-spider Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
Wow, I feel you.
blue-strawberry Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008
oh the end! oh oh oh ohhhh :heart: :heart: :heart:

~queenhrosie style much? :lol:
weevilgirl Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008  Student General Artist
WHY did i not come across this deviant earlier? not reading her work is a waste of life i think i'd seen her icon somewhere before but OH MY THANK YOU FOR THE LINK <3 anduhthestyleisSCARILYsimilartohersimafraid O:O but nowhere close in execution. ohwell oh well oh wlelelelelelle;kfldskfdsf TODAY I READ SOME OF THE BEST POETRY EVER.
fragilesilence Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Shay! :D
weevilgirl Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008  Student General Artist
heh thats all you have to say? :P

yeah shay! :D
fragilesilence Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, it WAS good. xD
But Shay struck me. Heh.
weevilgirl Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008  Student General Artist
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