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go to your father, tell him this
is painful, you should leave, we should stay
in the Mississippi- the fish get tired quicker
elsewhere.Write a letter to your first grade
teacher, say i lied, i really did

Steal from the girl
with two ponies and i'm
glad i did and then let you

Teach me about god. Its greater without another
syllable but goddammit that was grief,and i respect you
for your innocence. Write to your teenage self

Stop babies ahead but no don't
fuck around.When you want to write a poem
become a month of harvest instead.Write to yourself
for every letterbox you fruitlessly dissected in your teens,
for how you reached only bones each time organs
missing as blood or bile.become a month

Of overflowing trashcans from the binge
eating acne menstrual
problems break ups. drink a solution
of explosives and apple juice,every Eve learning to explode, buy her own food
or eat out of her ovaries. Dont make any make nothing
but excuses or someone believe.Write

To yourself your metaphors are too far out.Your
life is at the stake with that punctuation left to another's will,
you are a bad liar with weak lungs,quit.When they
don't get the game, you're a bad player so quit, light
a candle, write another shopping list or
a travel guide- exit the valley with
the toy soldiers,telescopes,the

Moments before each plane crash on your mantle
think about each face of the dead that you remember- with
the warts,ones with the skydiving gelidity,
the frequents at the Mountain Bike Forums

With the juts and gashes, write them epitaphs.In
some mention the faces you wish you could
have seen, their brothers,the wet
hair from the last time you remember(ed)

Having seen them,pet your peeves
and apologise for the lack of italics they could
do nothing without the lumberjacks.When you
want to write a poem learn to ride a zebra instead, hold

Your love affairs and sweet talk, make a speech on the
dying breed of rare sheep, their scientific
name stuck around the edges of your teeth.Do anything but

This, because nothing is scarier, more
pathetic and discarded than
the writing of a poem in reverse cause
otherwise it would begin in the woods,breathe
heavy for a while and then drop

There on the knees with the stopped antique
watches buried at the different points you would

never arrive upon.
titululululululul: The writing of a poem (IF you wish to write a poem)
vespera Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I really like the images in this. In a few spots the punctuation seemed a bit off... but beautiful idea :D
weevilgirl Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010  Student General Artist
the punctuation was meant to mislead, but i guess i'm not crafty enough with it :P thank you :)
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November 25, 2010
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